莎士比亞書店(Shakespeare and Company)是位於巴黎市中心塞納河畔的巴黎書店,對面是巴黎聖母院(Notre-Dame de Paris)。這裡一直是英語作家和讀者的在巴黎的聚會場所,也成為左岸文學機構。

在十八世紀早期,書店由Sylvia Beach於1919年開設,許多文藝時期的大作家,像是海明威也常常光臨。George Whitman在1964年把書店改名為 "Shakespeare and Company",並提供旅人和貧窮的作家一個溫暖的休息居所,他稱這個地方為「書店裡的烏托邦」 ,而這家書店在當時被稱作巴黎英美文學和現代主義的中心,書店和店裡的收藏也被作家海明威提及在:流動的盛宴作品之中。

Shakespeare and Company is a Parisian bookstore located in the center of Paris, opposite of the cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris. It has always been a meeting place for English writers and readers in Paris, and it has also become a literary institution.

In the early eighteenth century, the bookstore was opened by Sylvia Beach in 1919, and many great writers of the literary period, such as Hemingway, often visited. George Whitman renamed the bookstore "Shakespeare and Company" in 1964, and provided travelers and poor writers with a warm resting place. He called this place "Bookstore Utopia", and this bookstore was called Paris at the time. The center of English and American literature and modernism, bookstores and store collections are also mentioned by writer Hemingway: among the flowing feast works.

現任書店的主人是George Whitman的女兒Sylvia (為了紀念Sylvia Beach), 她以她父親同樣的方式管理著這家書店,最令人印象深刻的是成堆成疊的英文書籍和令人放鬆的溫暖氛圍,樓上還有沙發床可以讓疲憊的旅人舒展身體讀書,常常舉辦小型表演和書籍發表會,也是近年來許多電影的拍攝場景。

西爾維亞介紹了幾項新的文學嘗試。 2003年6月,莎士比亞公司舉辦了首屆文學節,隨後又舉辦了另外三個文學節。多年來的參與者包括Paul Auster, Will Self, Marjane Satrapi, Jung Chang, Philip Pullman, Hanif Kureishi, Siri Hustvedt, Martin Amis和Alistair Horne等。

The current owner of the bookstore is George Whitman's daughter Sylvia (in memory of Sylvia Beach). She manages the bookstore in the same way as her father. The most unique thing is the piles of English books and the relaxing atmosphere, there are sofa beds upstairs to allow tired travelers to stretch their bodies and read. Small performances and book presentations are often held. It is also the shooting scene of many movies in recent years.

Sylvia introduced several new literary attempts. In June 2003, Shakespeare Company held its first literary festival, followed by three other literary festivals. Participants over the years include Paul Auster, Will Self, Marjane Satrapi, Jung Chang, Philip Pullman, Hanif Kureishi, Siri Hustvedt, Martin Amis and Alistair Horne.

2011年,莎士比亞電影公司與德格魯特基金會(de Groot Foundation)共同發起了「巴黎文學獎」,這是一場中篇小說競賽,面向全球未出版的作家。近年來,這家書店曾在理查德·林克萊特(Richard Linklater)的《愛在日落巴黎時》和伍迪·艾倫的《午夜巴黎》中客串演出。

莎士比亞劇團還繼續每周至少舉辦一次免費的文學活動,並很高興歡迎年輕和新興作家以及當今的主要作家,例如Zadie Smith, Lydia Davis, John Berger, Jennifer Egan, Carol Ann Duffy, David Simon, Edward St.Aubyn和Jeanette Winterson。


In 2011, Shakespeare Pictures and the de Groot Foundation jointly launched the "Paris Literary Prize", a novel competition for unpublished authors worldwide. In recent years, this bookstore has guest appearances in Richard Linklater's "Before Sunset" and Woody Allen's "Midnight Paris". The Shakespeare Company also continues to host free literary events at least once a week and is happy to welcome young and emerging writers as well as today’s major writers, such as Zadie Smith, Lydia Davis, John Berger, Jennifer Egan, Carol Ann Duffy, David Simon, Edward St. .Aubyn and Jeanette Winterson. The bookstore allows young writers to work and live in the bookstore. A coffee shop was opened in the bookstore in October 2015. Not only can people enjoy reading, they can also enjoy dessert and coffee. 




This is like my home in Paris. The feeling of walking into the bookstore for the first time is still vivid. I was so touched and speechless, I couldn't find words to describe, but a traveler who has never met has already written it in simple and profound words. A Paris Metro ticket is posted on the wall, and the blank space on the back says:
"The city (Paris) is big, noisy and busy, but in this bookstore and on these pages, I can finally breathe."



Photography/Words: Christina Tseng

Official Website: https://shakespeareandcompany.com/