用藍色和白色繪製的希臘島嶼就像一幅心醉神迷的畫。當有人說希臘時,很多人的腦海裡不由自主地出現了藍白相間的海樓。 同樣有趣的是,沒有多少人問為什麼! 因此,讓我們優雅地揭開這個謎團!許多人開始相信藍白顏色是取自旗幟。但希臘國旗的事實痕跡表明,它於 1978 年 12 月 22 日被採用。幾十年前,在海盜時代,藍色和白色的想法甚至沒有出現在希臘人的腦海中。 相反,這些房子根本沒有粉刷,而是用當地的石頭建造的。
The picture-perfect imagery of the islands of Greece that are painted in Blue and White. As represented in every photograph or postcard of the nation. It is peculiarly interesting why! What do you imagine when someone says, Greece? Many minds involuntarily have the idea of irreplaceable blue and white houses adorned by the sea. It is equally interesting to note that not as many ask why! So let us unfold this mystery gracefully. Because the stories behind them will conspire to keep you engrossed in reading more and more about it!
Many come to believe that the colours are taken from the flag! But the factual traces of the Greek flag state that it was adopted on the 22nd December 1978. Decades before, during the ages of pirates, the idea of blue and white didn’t even pop into the heads of the Greeks. Instead, the houses were not painted at all and were made from the vernacular stone.

如果您閱讀希臘旅遊指南,您可能會發現房屋保持無色,以便輕鬆與風景融為一體,以此作為對抗愛琴海海盜襲擊的策略。米克諾斯鎮的設計會讓您沉迷於奇特的迷宮般的景像中。當您帶著希臘旅遊套餐來到這裡旅行時,您會意識到他們的迷宮策略是多麼有趣。建造只是為了迷惑海盜並為當地人爭取更多時間逃跑。您將真正感受到迷失在曾經是某些人最好的逃生計劃的美麗小巷中是多麼美妙!自1453年君士坦丁堡陷落以來,鄂圖曼土耳其人時代的後期,希臘面臨著許多變化。鄂圖曼土耳其人是與巴爾幹半島一起控制整個中東的侵略者,最遠到達維也納!直到 1821 年革命,希臘仍處於他們的統治之下。在他們統治期間,鄂圖曼土耳其人不允許希臘人代表他們的民族愛國主義。為了反抗統治者,希臘人開始用白色的生態塗料粉刷房屋,後來添加了藍色。
If you read the Greece travel guide, you might find that the houses remained colourless for them to easily blend with the landscapes, as a strategy against the pirate raids in the Aegean. Designs of Mykonos town will let you indulge in the peculiar observation of how it is all like a maze. As you travel here along with your Greece tour packages you will realise how funnily mind-blowing is their strategy of the maze. Constructed only to confuse the pirates and buying more time for the locals to escape. You will truly feel how perfectly beautiful it can now be to be lost in the beautiful alleys that once served as the best escape plan for some! Later during the age of the Ottoman Turks, from 1453 with the fall of Constantinople, Greece faced a lot of change. Ottoman Turks were the invaders who controlled the entire Middle East along with the Balkans, reaching as far as Vienna! Until the revolution of 1821, Greece remained under their rule. During their rule, the Ottoman Turks wouldn’t allow the Greeks to represent their patriotism for their nationality. To revolt against the rulers, the Greeks started painting the houses with ecological paint of white later adding up the blue.

希臘國旗的九條條紋代表短語「Eleutheria H Thanatos」的九個音節。它翻譯為「自由或死亡」。白色油漆還通過使房屋在希臘炎熱的天氣中保持涼爽來提供生物氣候優勢。基克拉迪群島緊隨其後。另一方面,聖托里尼擁有色彩繽紛的房屋,當您以任何希臘度假方案旅行時,仍然可以在某些地方看到這些房屋。聖托里尼島以深紅色、棕色、赭石色、青色、白色和淺藍色的色調繪製,即使在那時也吸引了很多注意力。後來在 1967 年至 1974 年期間,一個軍政府在希臘建立了他們的權力。他們制定了一個政治議程,在整個景觀中展示統一性。因此,規定將所有房屋重新粉刷成藍色和白色的規則。因此,城鎮開始反映他們旗幟的顏色。甚至聖托里尼也因為規定而重新粉刷。慢慢地,它開始成為希臘的著名的特色。一旦被實施為政治政策,便成為該國非同尋常的亮點。它很快就被視為全球每個人的旅遊景點。以藍色為標誌的希臘白色建築通過旅遊業的顯著推動為該國帶來了大量外匯。現在希臘土地上的每張明信片都反映了這些完全相同的色調,使其在旅行者中大肆宣傳。
The nine stripes of the Greek flag represent the nine syllables of the phrase “Eleutheria H Thanatos”. It translates to “Freedom or Death.” The white paint also gives bioclimatic benefits by keeping the houses cooler in the scorching heat of Greece. The Cycladic islands followed the trend. Santorini, on the other hand, had colourful houses, which can still be witnessed in some places when you travel with any Greece holiday packages. Painted in the shades of dark red, brown, ochre, cyan, white and also light blue, Santorini managed to grab a lot of attention even then. Later during the years of 1967 – 1974, a military government established their power in Greece. They set a political agenda of displaying uniformity across the landscapes. Therefore, stating a rule of re-painting all the houses in blue and white. Thereby, the towns started reflecting the colours of their flag. Even Santorini was re-painted because of the rule. Slowly it started becoming the trademark of Greece. Once implemented as a political strategy, shed such an exceptional limelight to the country. It was sooner seen as the touristic attraction for everyone across the globe. The Greece white buildings endorsed with blue brought a lot of forex to the country through the remarkable boost in tourism. Now every postcard of the Greek land reflects these exact same shades making it a hype amongst the travelers

Traverse through these lands and watch the unique legends unfold in front of you. This kingdom of beauty and tranquility will surprise you with our Greece tourism packages from India. Experience the history that dates back to the origin of time, placed in a country which is known to be the cradle of modern civilization. Let it reveal them all as you explore this realm along with Greece travel packages. 

《設計盒子DESIGN BOX》是一本以空間、生活美學、藝術為主軸的線上雜誌,設計就是從小盒子玩到大盒子,DESIGN BOX致力於將藝術美學帶入生活中。如何打造出「空間藝術」與「生活藝術」是我們關注的重點。透過一個個設計個案,帶給讀者生活的質感與美感。

不論您想要尋找豪宅室內設計、餐廳室內設計,還是辦公室廠房室內設計,大至結合都市的綠地景觀規劃,小至溫馨居家私人空間,在《設計盒子DESIGN BOX》上您都能找到最驚艷、最具啟發性的設計案例作為靈感來源,以及獲獎無數的設計名家為您服務。不論您身處台灣何處,需要的是台北室內設計師、竹北室內設計師、台中室內設計師、台南室內設計師,還是高雄室內設計師,亦或者港澳、中國,《設計盒子DESIGN BOX》網羅兩岸三地最優秀的設計人才,為您推薦最優秀、最創新的設計師,為您的豪宅、新居、辦公空間及商業空間規劃出細緻品味。

在一個空間設計中,設計是最核心的靈魂,而建材則是空間的骨,傢俱、軟裝成了血與肉,一點點填滿了空間,也逐漸賦予之生命。《設計盒子DESIGN BOX》經典品牌分類中,我們為您統整了最詳盡的空間百科,從進口傢俱、進口廚具、進口衛浴、進口燈具、進口家電、進口建材、進口軟裝飾品、進口餐具、進口音響,到進口窗簾地毯,在這裡您能找到最高端精緻的頂尖家居品牌。我們只推薦最優質的產品,希望空間中的每一個元素,都能為您提升空間質感,將舒適、精緻的空間向上提升至全新層次。

如果您正在尋找環境優美、設計精良,並且品質保證的建案,作為構築家庭的新居,《設計盒子DESIGN BOX》為您彙整的台北、新北、竹北、台中、台南、高雄等地優質建案,將每一建案的特色、優點展現在您面前,並針對設計面為您進行深度剖析,提供您最全面的建案推薦分析。 


Source: Venna World