This is a penthouse at The Tembusu condominium with a built-in area of 363 square meters. It houses a young couple with a baby, a toddler and their 2 domestic helpers with the occasional visits from the parents.

Owners are avid collectors of the Be@rbrick art toys and wanted a place in the massive home to exhibit them. Thus, the design narrative started with a platoon of bears from outer space coming to Earth and settling on top of a Tembusu tree in a vast rainforest.

利用了頂層公寓的高頂,設計師利用了「注射建築學」的原理,把熊熊的大型「飛船」展示櫃注射在客廳中央,作為視覺焦點。 這個展示櫃背後做了「無限空間」的視覺處理,感覺後面還有更深入的空間。 在外觀上,鋁材外殼的處理也讓參觀者感覺到展示櫃和背後的電視牆是一體的。
Exploiting the 4.6m high ceiling of the penthouse, a “spaceship” for the bears was created to take center stage for the living area. Using the methodology of “Injecting Architecture”, the irregularly-shaped floor plan is being carved in such a way that the entire space is seemingly defined by the few families of volumetric forms that were “injected”.

The curved ceiling balanced the seemingly high-tech vibe of the home with a slight vernacular touch. This is also amplified by the selection of loose furniture like the “Ming” dining chairs and the timber furniture beneath. This dichotomy of stylistic approaches seemed to have worked wonders for a typical modern Chinese family which are often divided in opinions between traditional and contemporary looks.

The outdoor cabinet system hides a 6-meter-long flip-down, bi-fold feasting table for that weekly gatherings that the owners intend to organize.

Above the dry Kitchen, the veneer-cladded fin-ceiling emulates the flow and random patterns of the rainforest canopies and overhanging roots. Lights are tucked in between the fins, mimicking the daylight seeping through the forest canopies. Flanked by the wet kitchen and the service yard, the alleyway transit one from the huge “public” to the “private” zone where the family area, the liquor room and the 5 bedrooms are located. The encased family TV cabinet system forms the rear of the aluminum-clad “spaceship”. The lighting of the fin-ceiling transited from spotlights to strip lighting at the family area to create an impression of a skylight above.

The original master study was converted to liquor room as the male owner is an avid collector of liquor and spirits. Thus, all walls within need to be dedicated to the displaying of the collection.



項目名稱: Beary High
項目地點: 新加坡Tembusu 公寓
面積 : 363 sqm
設計師 : Keat Ong 王勝傑
設計事務所: Keat Ong Design (KOD)
裝修公司: Sky Creation Asia (SCA)




《設計盒子DESIGN BOX》是一本以空間、生活美學、藝術為主軸的線上雜誌,設計就是從小盒子玩到大盒子,DESIGN BOX致力於將藝術美學帶入生活中。如何打造出「空間藝術」與「生活藝術」是我們關注的重點。透過一個個設計個案,帶給讀者生活的質感與美感。

不論您想要尋找豪宅室內設計、餐廳室內設計,還是辦公室廠房室內設計,大至結合都市的綠地景觀規劃,小至溫馨居家私人空間,在《設計盒子DESIGN BOX》上您都能找到最驚艷、最具啟發性的設計案例作為靈感來源,以及獲獎無數的設計名家為您服務。不論您身處台灣何處,需要的是台北室內設計師、竹北室內設計師、台中室內設計師、台南室內設計師,還是高雄室內設計師,亦或者港澳、中國,《設計盒子DESIGN BOX》網羅兩岸三地最優秀的設計人才,為您推薦最優秀、最創新的設計師,為您的豪宅、新居、辦公空間及商業空間規劃出細緻品味。

在一個空間設計中,設計是最核心的靈魂,而建材則是空間的骨,傢俱、軟裝成了血與肉,一點點填滿了空間,也逐漸賦予之生命。《設計盒子DESIGN BOX》經典品牌分類中,我們為您統整了最詳盡的空間百科,從進口傢俱、進口廚具、進口衛浴、進口燈具、進口家電、進口建材、進口軟裝飾品、進口餐具、進口音響,到進口窗簾地毯,在這裡您能找到最高端精緻的頂尖家居品牌。我們只推薦最優質的產品,希望空間中的每一個元素,都能為您提升空間質感,將舒適、精緻的空間向上提升至全新層次。

如果您正在尋找環境優美、設計精良,並且品質保證的建案,作為構築家庭的新居,《設計盒子DESIGN BOX》為您彙整的台北、新北、竹北、台中、台南、高雄等地優質建案,將每一建案的特色、優點展現在您面前,並針對設計面為您進行深度剖析,提供您最全面的建案推薦分析。