居家防疫當道的2020讓我們都重新更加珍惜那個被我們稱為「家」的空間。不管是正在尋找房屋裝修的靈感、夢想擁有他人令人羨慕的房子、或者正在尋找可以入住的新房,網路上總是能找到各種經驗的設計。現在,國外設計網Design Milk精選了2020年中,最受歡迎的TOP 10建築文章,帶您回味這一年來出現的各種美好作品!
2020 gave us all a new appreciation for what we call home as we all put our spaces to the test spending so much time in them. Whether looking for ideas to spruce up your own home, dreaming about other people’s enviable houses, or searching for residences you’d like to move into, we brought all the visual inspiration we could and now that it’s the end of the year, we’re looking back at the most popular architecture posts of 2020.


A 70m2 Attic Apartment in Barcelona with Built-In Furniture

MH.AP 工作室為巴賽隆納的客戶打造出一間內建傢俱及儲藏空間的70平方公尺(約21坪)小公寓。透過隱藏式的收納空間,以及減少不同款式傢俱的雜亂感,視覺上統一不少,整體空間也顯得更開闊了!
MH.AP Studio designed an Attic for David in Barcelona with clever built-in furniture and storage throughout making the most of the 70 square meters of space.




A Ukrainian Apartment Takes Notes from Wabi-Sabi

來自烏克蘭的Sergey Makhno 建築事務所為一對剛搬離家庭的佳偶設計他們的新居。空間採用了日式的侘寂美學,大量的留白映襯出「殘缺」之美,讓空間可以更加地有機生長。
Sergey Makhno Architects designed an apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine, to be a separate nest for a young couple within a bigger family compound, as well as a space for “imperfect beauty” to thrive.



Alley Cat: A Modern Backyard DADU in Seattle for a Busy Couple

獨立式輔助住宅(Detached Auxiliary Dwelling Units, DADU)是美國一種新興的住宅形式,基本上他們的佔地面積非常小,設置在私人土地(如後院、車庫等),並有地基固定。這類型住宅建設成本相對低廉,是一種很受歡迎的住宅形式。西雅圖的SHED設計就幫一對忙碌的夫妻設計了一間獨特、且好維護的DADU。不對稱的屋頂就像是一隻準備好隨時飛撲的貓。
SHED Architecture & Design designed a unique, low-maintenance structure called Alley Cat, as it features an asymmetrical roofline that gives nod to a cat ready to pounce with its back flattened to the ground. 


The Sanctuary House Floats Above Ground to Preserve Trees

San Francisco-based Feldman Architecture recently completed The Sanctuary, a residence in Palo Alto designed for empty-nesters situated behind the large heritage oak tree with a canopy that stretches across the entire front yard.


A Small Modern Home with a Big Impact in Charlotte

A small plot typically yields a small home, but space limitations didn’t stop architecture studio Wittehaus from designing a spacious modern abode located in Charlotte, North Carolina.



A Remodeled Eichler Home With a Central Atrium in Silicon Valley

Ryan Leidner建築重新翻修了一座位於矽谷,建於60年代的Eichler住宅,這座房子最初由現代主義名家A. Quincy Jones和Frederick Emmons共同設計。其中的特色便是房子正中間的中庭,幾乎每一個房間都能面向中庭,享受綠意和陽光。Ryan Leidner將房屋進行了改裝,去除多餘的裝飾,讓房子更加現代化,並裝設了能源節約設施。
Ryan Leidner Architecture renovated an original Eichler Plan OJ-1605 Home in Silicon Valley, called Twin Gable House, that was originally designed by A. Quincy Jones and Frederick Emmons in 1962 and features a central, open-air atrium that can be viewed from almost every room.



Workstation Cabin: A Home Office Pod by Hello Wood

工作小屋是一個多用途的舒適私人空間,採用前衛、幾何形的設計,來自布達佩斯的Hello Wood工作室打造出工作小屋。不佔用太多戶外空間,卻足夠作為一個功能完善的辦公室、舒適的客房,甚至兒童的遊樂間。木質的外表讓他可以輕易地融入後院等環境,設有大片的窗戶,讓房客在工作/休息之餘,也能欣賞自然美景。
Workstation Cabin is a multipurpose, geometric refuge designed by Budapest-based design studio Hello Wood that’s fairly compact as to not take up too much of your outdoor space, but roomy enough to house a highly-functional office, guest room or playroom for the kids.


A Modern Home in Austin with a Pool That Bisects the House

Ravel 建築在德州迎來了一個艱難的挑戰:要如何在高度落差近7公尺的土地上放入一座標準尺寸的小型泳池。解決辦法就是——將房子一分為二!在這個名為M1700的房子中,泳池成為整座屋子的焦點,一踏入前門,第一個映入眼簾的就是泳池,這也造成了非常特殊的視覺效果。
Looking for quiet, a client enlisted Ravel Architecture to design a private home on a remote street in Austin, Texas, named the M1700 House, that involved finding a place to fit a full-size lap pool on a challenging site with a 25-foot elevation change.


10 Modern Prefabs We’d Love to Call Home

預製住宅(Prefabricated building,簡稱為Prefab),主要指預製構件在工地上裝配而成的建築。由於製作的金錢及時間成本較傳統房屋低,預製住宅的風潮在近年來越發興盛。
Over the years, the prefab movement has continued to gather steam as a great option for a new home. Built in much less time than a traditionally-built home, prefabs offer great, modern digs in smartly designed, often compact, packages.


And the most popular architecture post of 2020 is…


The Coolest Modern RVs, Trailers and Campers

Whether you’re an occasional camper looking for something small to pull to your next campsite or you want a top-of-the-line, no-expense-spared Xpedition vehicle, we scoped out some of our favorite recreational vehicles that do away with the typical aesthetics they’re general known for and focused on the modern variety that have been popping up more and more as people look to get away.


Word: Caroline Williamson

Photography: Luis Diaz Diaz, Serhii Kadulin, Mark Woods, Joe Fletcher, Zsuzsa Darab, Patrick Price, Happier Camper, Travel Trailer, Mehrzeller

Source: Design Milk



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