2019 LG電子展銷會展位設計(LG OLED Signage Falls Attractor) ——2019紅點品牌&傳達「展位類別」最佳設計獎參與人士,客戶: LG Electronics Inc., Seoul, South Korea;設計: HS Ad, Seoul, South Korea 在美國拉斯維加斯舉行的2019年度的CES展銷會上,由258台LG OLED數字標識顯示器構成的大型瀑布式屏幕,通過對自然現象的各式描繪,將LG提供多功能視覺化可能性的顯示技術展現得淋漓盡致。 

2019 LG Electronics Fair Booth Design (LG OLED Signage Falls Attractor)-2019 Red Dot Brand & Communication "Booth Category" Best Design Award Participants Client: LG Electronics Inc., Seoul, South Korea Design: HS Ad, Seoul, South Korea At the 2019 CES fair in Las Vegas, USA, a large waterfall screen composed of 258 LG OLED digital signage displays provides LG with multifunctional visualization through various descriptions of natural phenomena The display technology of possibilities is fully demonstrated.

The booth presented various exciting scenes, such as "diving into" mysterious deserts, magnificent forests, unprecedented huge waves, charming stars in the Milky Way, and traditional Chinese wishing lanterns. A walkable path leads the audience into the "waterfall", allowing visitors to experience the lifelike nature as if they were on the scene.


In recent years, LG has spared no effort in performances at various international large-scale exhibitions. Various large screens, curves, curved surfaces and other design games have attracted many passers-by to stop and turn to fans. It is not unsightly to take photos and group photos from the audience. Show everyone's love for their products and designs. In today's era of rapid technological development and rapid product and model iteration, how to deeply implant the brand in people's hearts and stay in the public's field of vision is a knowledge that must be explored and studied.


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